Inspirational Monday

red shoes

Hi loves!

Today has been very inspirational for me. There were so many connections made today that I felt so empowered and recognized that I am actually on the correct path. I woke up a little late, made some coffee, drank an isa shake and started browsing the Internet. I looked in my back office and found a link for some movies on YouTube. One recommendation led to another and I happened to come across one that was about conquering fear. The next recommendation led me to Will Smith’s inspirational video. This was the exact same video that I saw and had inspired me while living in Indonesia! I then saw another recommendation for Steve Jobs’ commencement speech. I recognized from here that this is what led me to find Oprah’s Harvard commencement speech video, which then led me to the idea of becoming a motivational public speaker back when I was in Indonesia. I remembered watching her speech and decided that this was something I wanted to do. I started a free club for the students at EF Karawaci focusing on Speech and Debate because of this.

Just this past Thursday I gave my first speech at a Toastmasters group that I’m now a part of, announcing to the group that I’m interested in becoming a motivational public speaker because of Oprah’s 2013 Harvard commencment speech on YouTube. It all came full circle today, which was incredible! Not only has her speech inspired me, but so many other people and public speeches have inspired me as well. I randomly came across her video a few months ago when I needed inspiration, and life randomly took me on the same path again today.

My day did not stop being full of awesomeness there! Next, I checked my email and noticed that I’d gotten an email with a free 90 minute training with Gabby Bernstein! I watched the entire thing and was just amazed. I want to thank my inspirational leaders out there for their words of empowerment. I feel so inspired and I know that I’m meant to be a leader as well and help others.

I went to yoga class full of energy, not just energetic energy, but inner energy. I had and have purpose. I was in my ZONE for yoga! It was incredible. After that I had to deposit some money at the bank. A banker took a look at my account (without me even asking) and suggested I do a couple of things to save me interest. What a helper! It didn’t even take long and I realized that it could be solved super easily! Then when I got home, I’d received my new bank card from my company in the mail. Plus, I’d gotten paid by another job. Money coming in from so many resources that the universe is telling me not to worry about funds. How incredible?!

In two days I’m going on a trip to California with some amazing and inspiring people for some coaching time and I’m super stoked! I’m so thankful for this opportunity and this journey. I want to have a voice and help inspire others. I want to be successful and help others be successful. I’m excited for these amazing opportunities and feel so awed by this journey I’m on.

What inspires you? What kind of journey are you on? How is the universe communicating with you?

Bless xxx,



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