Earth Day! June 6th, 2013

earthday group

bec and nang on earth day

On June 6th, we celebrated Earth Day at EF with all of our students. The idea was presented by Victoria and we first had a discussion about Earth Day and the Environment. After break, we all created things out of trash, like plastic bottles, plastic bags, boxes, etc. The kids did a wonderful job and were very creative! My class made a car, which actually moved and attached a kite so that it was wind-powered.

bec as a dog for earth day



Oh and all of the teachers dressed up as something from the Earth! I was a dog ha ha!

bec teaching on earth day

Here I am explaining Environmental Problems. We had a good discussion and then looked up which countries use the most electricity/power per capita. Which you can see here: List_of_countries_by_electricity_consumption

bec teaching on earthday 2 earth day poster making an elephant out of plastic

Here we are the day before creating things to make as examples for the students. I had the idea of making a plastic elephant and Shelvie helped.

making stuff with students earthday making the earth

earthday group photo


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