Palelean Cave

P1010681 P1010661

My second day in Yogyakarta was quite an adventure! We went down a cave and went down a waterfall! I’m normally not really into adrenaline rushes, but I did them for some reason. I think this was due to a few reasons. One, I felt really safe with all of our search and rescue guys. Second, I was on a new adventure and wanted to try things. Third, they were in the itinerary. Now, to be honest none of the other reasons really mattered as much as the third 😉

Don’t get me wrong, it was all very, very scary, but overall I’m glad I did both. I ended up going down the waterfall twice even!

P1010646 P1010645 P1010644 P1010642

My roommate is double checking what the directions are… this was the most difficult part, really. No one spoke English very well and when you’re scared about not knowing exactly how to do something, especially something scary, well… it just makes the whole experience a little more scary.

P1010638 P1010637 P1010636 DSC01061 DSC01056 DSC01054 DSC01053 DSC01052 DSC01051

Getting ready


I’ll post waterfall pictures in my next post.


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