Jalan Malioboro

Malioboro is a street in the center of Yogyakarta with lots of shops. People like to haggle here so you have to be careful. Some shops have the prices listed so there aren’t any issues, but a lot of the venders on the streets don’t have prices marked. We went here our first night in Yogyakarta and again on the last night of fasting. Malioboro was very, very busy on the last day of fasting for Idul Fitri.

On the first evening there:

DSC00947 P1010564 P1010562

This was me and my roommate in front of Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street).

Some art students:


In front of the Post Office of Malioboro (it’s on the left):


The president’s home in Yogyakarta:


The house is protected by a guardian/statue.

More Malioboro pictures:

P1010570 P1010569

Then we both tried “Masangin or the rite of getting through the space between the two banyan trees is one of the attractions tourists can experience at Alun-alun Kidul, Yogyakarta”. – from Jogjatrip.com

The idea is that if you can walk through the two trees blindfolded, then your deepest wish will come true. My roommie and I had different experiences. She was able to walk directly through and her mind felt clear and calm with the blindfold on. I on the other hand, tried walking through the trees twice. Once, I went to the left, and the second time, I went to the right. My guide helped steer me towards going through, but without his help I wouldn’t have made it. I felt a little uneasy with the blindfold on and remember taking deep breaths and slow steps to try and walk through the trees. I tried walking in a straight line, but didn’t succeed.

It’s interesting that my roommate and I had different experiences. It means that something must be up with the trees… spirits or guardians most likely, depending on what you believe. When a person begins the walk through the trees, the path between them is directly in front a person and it looks really easy to do… but it isn’t.

Here’s a picture of us with our friend and guide, Pak Teguh:


Here’s more information on Masangin: http://jogjatrip.com/en/293/Masangin

Afterwards, we went to get some dinner and ate some traditional Yogyakarta food, nasi gudeg! It was delicious! This restaurant was beautiful and had a live band as well.


The gudeg comes from a fruit. The meal traditionally consists of cooked chicken covered in a gravy, rice, cow’s skin with chilis, and the gudeg. In this picture, the orange sauce and chilis part is the cow’s skin, and the darker red/brown looking stuff is the gudeg. It was very yummy!


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